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Provigil 100mg Use

Provigil (modafinil) is a medicine that advances alertness. It is thought to work by adjusting the normal synthetic compounds (synapses) in the brain.

Provigil is utilized to treat inordinate languor caused by sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or move work rest issue.

Provigil decreases outrageous sluggishness because of narcolepsy and other rest issue, for example, times of quit breathing amid rest (obstructive rest apnea). It is likewise used to enable you to remain wakeful amid work hours on the off chance that you have a work routine that shields you from having a typical rest routine (move work rest disorder).

This prescription does not fix these rest issue and may not dispose of all your tiredness. Provigil does not replace getting enough rest.

Side effects of Provigil

Provigil can cause mellow or genuine reactions. There are following list of side effects that may cause while taking Provigil.  




Trouble sleeping

Loss of appetite


Upset stomach

Back pain

Chest pain

For more information on the conceivable symptoms of Provigil, or tips on the most proficient method to manage an upsetting reaction, converse with your specialist or drug specialist.

Provigil dose

The Provigil dose your specialist endorses will rely upon a few factors. These include:


The sort and seriousness of the condition you're utilizing Provigil to treat your age

Other restorative conditions you may have

Normally, your specialist will begin you on low dose and alter it after some time to achieve the dose truth is stranger than fiction for you. They'll eventually recommend the littlest dose that gives the coveted impact.

The accompanying data depicts dosage that are ordinarily utilized or suggested. Be that as it may, make sure to take the measurement your specialist endorses for you. Your specialist will decide the best dose to suit your requirements.

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